David Austin Garden Roses

David Austin Rose is one of the most well-known rose brands in the world today. It combines the beautiful multiple petals and rich color characteristics. It is a kind of modern rose with the unique...
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Ecuadorian Rose - The King of Roses

The sunshine is long on the volcanic land at an altitude of 3,500 metres in Ecuador, and the temperature difference between day and night is as high as 16 degrees, making it ideal for rose growth. ...
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Unique Tulip Varieties - Oil painting style

Tulips are popular among flower lovers as an elegant example of fresh cut flowers. But, now that you've heard about regular tulips, do you want to try some unusual tulip varieties? Tulip double Dou...
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Orchid - Elegance in the life

Orchid is gorgeous and delicate with a long flowering period and a large number of flowers. It can absorb indoor harmful gases and purify the air. Whether it is a commercial office or a home space,...
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Ranunculus is soft and inexpensive, it has become the love for home arrangement lovers. The long flowering period and high appearance is the reasons for flower lovers to choose it. Whenever the ran...
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This type of Cymbids is a light pearl color, the texture of the petals is like clean jade, very delicate and gorgeous. It looks like a  gentle and dignified lady! If you are considering to take a b...
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