Ensure the longevity of your cut flowers by following these five simple tips. With proper care, you can enjoy their vibrant beauty for an extended period.

Tip 1: Clean the Vase and Water:
Begin by using a clean vase to prevent the growth of bacteria. Fill it with fresh, lukewarm water and add flower food if available. Clean water provides a healthy environment for your flowers and helps them stay fresh longer.


Tip 2: Trim the Stems :

Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle using sharp, clean scissors or a knife. This angled cut allows for better water absorption and prevents blockages. Remove any leaves that would be submerged in the water to avoid bacterial growth.


Tip 3: Choose the Right Location :

Place your vase in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and ripening fruits. Excessive heat and sunlight can accelerate wilting, while fruits release ethylene gas, which speeds up flower aging.


Tip 4: Change the Water Regularly:

To maintain freshness, change the water every two days or when it becomes cloudy. Before refilling, trim the stems again to ensure optimal water absorption. This prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps the flowers hydrated.


Tip 5: Avoid Drafts and Air Conditioning :

Keep flowers away from drafts, air conditioning vents, fans, and open windows. Drafts can dehydrate flowers, causing premature wilting. Maintaining a stable environment prolongs the lifespan of cut flowers.


By following these five simple tips—using a clean vase, trimming the stems, choosing the right location, changing the water regularly, and avoiding drafts—you can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers for longer.