Unique Tulip Varieties - Oil painting style

Unique Tulip Varieties - Oil painting style

Tulips are popular among flower lovers as an elegant example of fresh cut flowers. But, now that you've heard about regular tulips, do you want to try some unusual tulip varieties?

Tulip double

Double tulips have a more complex beauty than single-petal tulips, and the layered petals add a retro beauty on the basis of elegance.

Fringed Tulip

it looks like a girl wearing fringed skirts. It is more like regular tulips with petals cut into pieces.

Tulips Brownie

Brownie Tulip has a streamlined and clear feather texture and a low-saturation caramel coffee color. They resemble the fairy flowers depicted in Renaissance oil paintings. It exudes a noble atmosphere and has a vintage beauty.


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